Animals and Birds

Creatures great and small,

big and tall,

will make your day

the London way!

London Zoo, Regent´s Park 

London Zoo is the world´s oldest zoo, opened in 1828. Look at the zoo´s website here to see what´s going on today.

<img src="gorilla.jpg" alt="Gorilla" />

Pelicans in St James´s Park

Visitors can see the pelicans basking on their favourite rocks and getting fed fresh fish between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm every day. There are currently 5 Eastern (or Great) White Pelicans in St James's Park. One rather mischievous pelican used to fly over to London Zoo in Regent's Park to steal their fish for his lunch and they're often seen climbing out of the lake to sit on the benches alongside visitors!  Read more here.

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Deer in Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a national nature reserve and deer park with 630 Red and Fallow deer roaming freely since 1529. The deer are wild animals - please keep at least 50 metres away from the deer and be aware of your surroundings so that you do not come between two rutting stags or a mother and her calf.  Read more here.

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Whipsnade Zoo (Picture below)

Whipsnade Zoo is the UK's biggest zoo. Set in 600 acres of beautiful parkland on the Chiltern Hills, north of London, the zoo is home to more than 2,500 animals, many of which are endangered in the wild.

Whipsnade Zoo is just north of London in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Read more here.

<img src="giraffe.jpg" alt="Giraffe" />

London Wetland Centre

An urban oasis for wildlife and people, just 10 minutes from Hammersmith.  Stroll among the lakes, ponds and gardens. The café is perfect for relaxing, and kids will love the play areas.

Battersea Park Children´s Zoo

This small and charmning zoo in the middle of Battersea Park offers you the usual rabbits, goats and  sheep. You can also see more exotic (some endangered) species such as meerkats, lemurs, Asian short-clawed otters, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, monkeys, emus, tortoises, wallabies and talking mynah birds. Read more here.

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Squirrels in Hyde Park

Hyde Park provides a unique habitat in the heart of London for a diverse variety of species of flora and fauna. Positive changes in management practices have gone a long way to encourage new species into the park. The creation of the meadow area gives a flavour of how Hyde Park once looked and this area has become more diverse year on year since its creation. There are plenty of squirrels hopping around from tree to tree. Don´t feed them!

Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

A fascinating variety of wildlife thrives in the Park, including frogs, toads and newts, while there is a huge array of 'minibeasts'. In spring and summer the Park comes alive with brightly coloured dragonflies and damselflies, and look out for butterflies over the meadow areas.  Read more here.

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Flamingos in Kensington

You can see flamingos at the Roof Gardens located one hundred feet above Kensington High Street.

Originally above Derry and Tom's department store which opened in 1933, The Roof Gardens were the dream child of the vice president of Barkers, Trevor Bowen, who employed landscape architect Ralph Hancock to realise his vision. There are three themed gardens, with over 70 full size trees, a flowing stream stocked with fish and our resident flamingos Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks.

The Roof Gardens are now closed. What a shame! Read more here.

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Mudchute City Farm

Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, E 14

Set in 32 acres of countryside in the heart of East London, the Mudchute is a community charity, with a working farm, stables, a children’s nursery and a wide range of education activities. We are open every day, free of charge.

<img src="sheep.jpg" alt="Sheep" />

Horses at The Royal Mews,

Buckingham Palace

During your visit to the Mews, you will see some of The Queen’s horses that draw the coaches and carriages housed in the Mews.

Read more here.

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Camley Street Natural Park

Two unique acres of wild green space right in the heart of London, this innovative and internationally acclaimed reserve on the banks of the Regent's Canal is a place for both people and wildlife.

Camley Street Natural Park was created from an old coal yard back in 1984. It sits in the middle of King’s Cross, alongside the sparkling new Eurostar station at St Pancras.

The reserve has a visitor centre and provides natural habitat for birds, butterflies, amphibians and a rich variety of plant life.

Species you might spot:

Rare earthstar fungus; reed warbler, kingfisher, various geese, mallard, and reed bunting; various bats. Read more here.

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Horse riding in London:

Hyde Park Stables

Hyde Park Stables offer adults and children group and private horse rides, horse riding lessons and arena lessons, all year round, in Hyde Park London.

We ride on horses and ponies chosen for their safe temperament, catering for riders of all abilities. Previous experience is not necessary. There are five miles of bridleways, and two outdoor riding arenas for more formal horse riding lessons, dressage, and jumping for children.

Read more here.

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Good site this!

Almost forgot it´s feeding time.

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The Great Gorilla Run

Maybe not the real thing - but you´ll see an awful lot of gorillas! Promise. Usually takes place in September in central London. Will not be taking place 2020.

<img src="great-gorilla-run.jpg" alt="Great Gorilla Run" />