London Statues of People

I Spy is often refered to as a spotter´s game for children. Your probably young at heart so why not try some spotting in London?

Here´s a challenge for you...

London Statues

Over 400 statues and monuments are to be found in Greater London. Some big

and some small. Challenge yourself and see if you can spot ten of them while strolling around the capital.

Below: "Allies" in New Bond Street is a bronze figure of Roosevelt and Churchill having a conversation. There is room for you to sit in the middle and have your photograph taken!

Below: Emmeline Pankhurst, Manchester-born figurehead of the fight for women´s suffrage stands in Victoria Tower Gardens , along the north bank of the River Thames. (South-west corner of the Houses of Parliament).

Below: In the south-west corner of Grosvenor Square (Mayfair) you will find this statue of former President Ronald Reagan. Unveiled on the 4th of July 2011, Independence Day and Reagan´s one hundredth birthday.

Below: "The Lady of the Lamp" Florence Nightingale is famous for her work as a nurse durung the Crimean War. You will find her statue in St James´s Square.

Below: Queen Victoria has more commemorations than any other man or woman in London. This statue of her as a young queen was made by her daughter Princess Louise. Location is Kensington Gardens, to the east of the Palace overlooking Broad Walk.

Below: Virgina Woolf  bust in Tavistock Square (south-east corner). She lived and wrote many of her novles here from 1924 to 1939.

Below: Sir Joshua Reynolds, the first President of the Royal Academy (of Arts) in 1768. One of the most prominent portrait painters in London stands inside the Burlington House courtyard (Piccadilly).

Below: When you are in Leicester Square,  go to the centerpiece. You are now looking at a marble statue of the one and only William Shakespeare.

Below: Christopher Columbus in Belgrave Square, Belgravia.

Below: The Kindertransport statue outside Liverpool Street Station remembers the ten thousand Jewish children who arrived in Britain in 1938 and 1938 to escape Nazi persecution.

Roll of Honour

After completing I-SPYing all items on this page, send your name to allforlondon and you will be mentioned in the Roll of Honour.