Classic music plaques

Want to experience some Classic London Music History? Try to find the plaques  listed below while walking in  London.  Good luck!

<img src="gustav-holst.jpg" alt="Gustav Holst" />

1. Gustav Holst

English Composer and Music Teacher Gustav Holst lived at 9 The Terrace, SW13.

<img src="bela-bartok.jpg" alt="Bela Bartok" />

2. Bela Bartok

Composer and pianist Bela Bartok  stayed at 7 Sydney Place, SW7

7. Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten, Composer, Conductor, Violist and Pianist, lived here at 8 Halliford Street, N 1.

<img src="benjamin-britten.jpg" alt="Benjamin Britten" />
<img src="mozart.jpg" alt="Mozart" />

8. Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived, played and cmposed here at 20 Frith Street, W1.

3. Sir Edward Elgar and Abbey Road

Sir Edward William Elgar, English Composer, recorded in Abbey Studios on Abbey Road, NW8.

(Remember to use the Zebra crossing!)

<img src="sir-edward-elgar.jpg" alt="Sir Edward Elgar" />

4.George Frideric Handel

Handel lived here at 25 Brook Street. His next door neighbour (many years later) was Jimi Hendrix!

<img src="george-frideric-handel.jpg" alt="George Frideric Handel" />

 5. Chopins last public performance

Frederic Chopin Went to Guildhall from 4 St James´Place to give his last public performance in 1848.

<img src="frederic-chopin.jpg" alt="Frederic Chopin" />

6. Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven´s British Premiere of his Ninth Symphony was given here at 252 Regent Street in 1825.

<img src="ludwig-van-beethoven.jpg" alt="Ludwig van Beethoven" />

9. Jean Sibelius

Finnish Composer Jean Sibelius lived here at 15 Gloucester Walk, W8.

<img src="jean.sibelius.jpg" alt="Jean Sibelius" />

10. Johann Strauss the 1st

Johann Strauss lodged here at 1 Leicester Street, WC2,  on his first visit to England in april 1838.

<img src="johann-strauss.jpg" alt="Johann Strauss" />

11. Tamara Karsavina - ballet dancer

Tamara Karsavina was born in St Petersburg and is recognised as one of the founders of modern British ballet. She lived in Hampstead at 108 Frognal, NW3, in the 1950s.

<img src="tamara-karsavina.jpg" alt="Tamara Karsavina" />