I Spy

I Spy is often refered to as a spotter´s game for children. Your probably young at heart so why not play "I Spy" again and try some spotting in London?

I SPY No 1 :

Signs of London

Find street signs, plaques and marks you never even knew existed!

I SPY No 2:

Animal Statues in London

Try to find ten of all animal statues in London. 

I SPY No 3:

Cabman´s Shelters

You can see theese green sheds on the streets of London offering shelters for drivers of cabs since 1875.

I SPY No 4:

Statues of People in London

Try to find ten of over 400 statues of people in central London.

I SPY No 5:

Big and Small in London

Try to find the smallest square and the biggest concert hall and lots of other things - big and small. (And a fake building).